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July 2023: 'The Weavers House' Group show participant and co-curator, Strange Field, Glasgow

June 2023: 'Fiend House' Solo show, The Cock Tavern, London

July 2022: Artist assistant, Chris Roberts 'Underdrawings,' Northumberland

October 2021: Neolithic warp-weighted loom built with Chris Roberts

February - December 2020: Traineeship with Cordwainers Grow Natural Dye Studio

December 2019: Collaboration with Anjali Kasturi for Limbo Art Fair, Peckham

November 2019: Contributor to Longtime Listeners website

October 2019: Naturally dyed silk for Sibyl Studio

August 2019: Costumes for Maria Vincentelli and Molly Danter 'Nero' Cheeseburn Sculpture Garden, Northumberland

July 2019: Costume for Ryan Neil Skelton 'Temper' SET Dalston

July - March 2020: Workshop Assistant, Nicola Killeen Textiles

May 2019: Clothes sold at Flea Market, Newcastle upon Tyne

March 2019: Recipient of the PNE Sustainable Start Up Award

July 2018: Graduated in Womenswear Design from London College of Fashion

January - March 2017: Intern at John Alexander Skelton

August 2015: Intern at Simone Rocha

September 2014: Intern at Bouddicca Couture

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